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        Gary's Shop Tips & Projects
  Knee Pad for Work Shop

Horse mats make a mega-knee pad for shop projects. It beats the heck out of the strap on knee pads or the little garden squares you have to keep moving. In my other shop I had the whole floor covered, easy on the feet and knees. Last winter when I had to put a new clutch in the little truck we pulled this under the truck. It beats the heck out of laying on cold concrete.

Work Shop Knee Pad
  Project Parts Bin

Overhauling something? keep the little parts, screws, bolts and nut organized with old TV dinner plates. You can also pick up old kitchen organizers and plastic ware at garage sales for next to nothing. They make great storage and organizer bins.

Parts Bin
  Epoxy Mixers

Stop throwing away all of your plastic food lids. I use my yogurt lids to mix epoxy on. It is a good clean surface and just pitch it when you are finished.

Mixing Epoxy
  Easy Plywood Cutting Guide

It is hard to get a really nice straight on cutting a sheet of plywood without a jig of some type. A nice straight 1x4x8 and a strip of 1/8" hardboard. Screw the hardboard onto the 1x4 then cut down both sides. This will automatically cut the hardboard the exact width of your saw guide and perfectly straight. The reason for the hardboard on the bottom is for clamping. And, no measurement of calculations required to get the jig aligned. The edge of the hardboard is the cut line. I am all about making it simple.

Plywood Cutting Jig
  Drying Rack

A recycled refrigerator shelf is a great rack for drying sponges, paint rollers, etc.

Drying Rack
  Sander Dust Collector

Remove the factory dust bag from your orbital sander and attach a vacuum hose. Put two screws thru the hose into the sander discharge if it fits loose. When sanding sheet rock I put a water bath filter in the loop to collect the sheet rock dust.

Dust Collector
  Circular Saw Jig

This is another neat little circular saw jig that saves so much time. Using a 2x2 and a piece of hard board, assemble. The cut on a table saw or radial arm saw to get perfectly square. Make one for each side of your saw that is the exact dimension of the saw plate. This allows you to mark the cut line and set the fence without any measuring or calculations. Just put the jig on the cut line and clamp the fence into place. If you use it on both ends it also squares your fence automatically.

Circular Saw Jig
  Sawhorse Top Modification

There are lots of plastic saw horses on the market. Make yours more usable by putting a wood top on the saw horse. This allows you to cut through the 2x4s. when they get too cut up just replace.

Saw Horse Top

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