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        Welcome to the Gary's Farm & Shop Projects
  Radial Arm Saw Converted into Vertical Router

Well, you won't see this modification in a magazine. A Sears Radial Arm saw with a burned out motor (free) and a spare Sears router were the inspiration for this unusual marriage. It rotates and swivels and provides some unique routing abilities. My original concept for this unit was to dado cuts in shelving. I will disassemble this unit and photograph all the details later. This is probably a project for only seasoned hobbyist. It took me about 5 hours of experimentation to get it all together. The unit works very well for both clamping the wood and pulling the router through it and feeding the wood into the router. The only issue I have is that this unit sat in a barn for several years and the rollers and track on the radial arm are rusted. There is a little play in mine, I need to take it apart and clean and adjust the entire mechanism.

Router Modification

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