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        Welcome to the Gary's Farm & Shop Projects
DeWalt Storage Bin

Get your power hand tools in order with a great and handy shop organizer. Although it would work well for any brand of power tools, as you can see I just happen to like DeWalt. I have to admit I did cheat here. I am big on finding new uses for old items. This is actually a shirt display rack from a Department Store that went out of business. I picked it up for $7.00! You can't touch the material for that cost. A coat of paint and 4 heavy duty casters and I was in business.

Even though I got mine the easy way, the design is simple and the style works great. If you look at the photo carefully you will note the bins actually tilt back. Our upcoming project is to build another one and design the bins to perfectly fit my DeWalt tool collection with holders for the accessories. This one is already being converted and relegated to other uses. Like my calking, nails and other tools I use daily.

The nail bins were also salvage, they are hooked to a wall shelving bracket turned upside down.

DeWalt Storage Bin Nails DeWalt Storage Caddy Calk
Rocky Creek DeWalt Storage

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