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        Gary's Storage & Organization Tips

  Old Refrigerator Drawer Storage

Don't throw out those old refrigerator crisper drawers, I wish I had a dozen more. They are great for storage. As you can see I use these for all of my spare paint rollers.

Recycle Storage Bin
  Extension Cord Hanger

Extension cords and ropes are usually too large for most hangers and nails. Some small pieces of 1/2" electrical conduit and a 2x4 make a custom hanger. I usually angle the conduit up a few degrees, but it is not necessary. If you conduit does not fit tight, wrap masking tape around the end until you get a tight fit then drive the conduit into the hole.

Extension Cord Hanger
  Drawer Organizer

Keeping in line with never throw anything away. This is a change drawer from a cash register that broke. Now it is a small parts organizer.

Drawer Organizer
  Electrical Organizer

Keep all your cable, phone and small electrical connectors organized in an old tackle box. It is nice to have everything in one box you can just grab and take to the project site.

Electrical Organizer
  Conduit, Pipe & Wood Rack

Keep lumber, pipe & conduit organized. I used 2x3s. Simply make an L bracket with a 45 degree brace. I suggest screwing it to the studs in the barn, garage or shop, the screws hold much better than nails. It also works well for ladders

Pipe Rack Wood Rack Ladder Rack

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