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        Farm Garden Test Projects


Hügelkultur is a Permaculture from Austria. A 'hugel' is a hill, and 'kultur' is culture. Sometimes you see it written as two words. A Hügelkultur is a pile of rotting wood covered with dirt. The concept is to hold moisture for long periods of drought. The rotting wood is also a compost pile which produces heat and fertilizer. The heat can be used to extend growing seasons in harsher climates. Why do anything small, our hugel is made from 10 large 12 foot long logs with several smaller limbs. It is generating a lot of produce in it's first year. Even with the extreme drought this year the flowers died but the vegetables are doing well. Hügelkultur

  Bio-Dynamic Gardening

Bio-Dynamic is a combination of the Old Farmers Almanac system and new technology. In essence the charts schedule what day to plant, harvest, trim & fertilize. Our test results were staggering. We planted every other row by the Bio-Dynamic schedule. The taller spinach was actually planted two days after the shorter rows.

Bio-Dynamic Gardening



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