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        Welcome to the Gary's Farm & Shop Projects
  Rabbit Hutch

Need a hutch for your rabbit? This is a much better alternative to the kits. It has a Den & a Loft. Charlie Bunny loves it. I have a problem with standard rabbit cages. When have you ever seen a wild rabbit build a nest 2 feet above the ground. First they build their dens in the ground for protected from predictors. The second reason is for temperature control. Ground temperature is around 55 degrees. The den temperature will be a nice cool 60 degrees or so in the summer and a toasty warm 60 plus in the winter. A far cry from the 100 degree summer temperatures and below zero winter temperatures. Another thing that irritates me is making them live their life walking on a wire floor. This hutch may not be perfect but it is much better than the alternatives.

I enclosed 3 sides tor wind protection. The bottom does have screen for cleaning and air in the summer. However, we keep lots of straw in the cage for Charlie to walk on. She loves to build nest in her den. On the right side the bottom half is an enclosed den with a small door. the top half is open to the cage. We call it her apartment loft. She loves to lay in the loft and look out at the chickens.

This hutch has a trap door in the bottom. I plan to attach a large cage to the bottom so Charlie can run around on the ground in the summer. Her hutch is under a shade tree. You need to make sure your bunny has protection from the elements.

In the winter we keep a tarp on the hutch to bungee over the door on cold windy days and every night. As you can see Cassie and Charlie are great buddies.

Rabbit Hutch
Rabbit Hutch Rabbit Hutch

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