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        Gary's Farm Tips & Projects
  Tool & Project Carry-All

Really simple carry all for your pallet forks. A discarded pallet, some scrap plywood and some more scraps of 2x4. Yes, trow nothing away. You can build this in an hour or two. Use your imagination. I needed something to carry my fence building tools around the farm, and made a little bracket to hold the trimmer. Cost "zero" time about an hour.

Stihl Carry All Bobcat Carry All
  Shovel / Pitchfork/ Rake / Tool Holders

Never have a place on the tractor for a pitchfork or shovel? I always had that problem. A piece of 2" PVC and a PVC cap does the trick. Be sure to drill a couple of holes in the cap to drain water out. I also put two of these on my lawn mower for a rake and a shovel.

Shovel Rack
  Towing Hook on Utility Bucket

It is always very handy to have a place to hook a chain on a bucket loader. This is a towing bracket from a Ford truck I found in the middle of the road. You can get one at a scrap yard. I put a short piece of 2" angle iron on the under side for extra strength. Be sure to use high strength bolts. Again, FREE, just be innovative.

Bucket Towing Hook
  Never Enough Storage for Tools

There are never enough places to put your stuff on a tractor. I am sorry, but running a tractor around on a test track at the factory is not "using" a tractor. Added one tool box for the 3-point hitch pins and one for tools.

  Bobtach Alignment Markers

It is difficult sometimes to see to line up the quick attach attachments. I painted an orange bar to mark where the edge of the bracket should line up. I change attachments several times a day, this makes the task much easier.

Bobtach Alignment Markers

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