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        Welcome to the Gary's Farm & Shop Projects
  Moveable Chicken Pen, with top

Chicken tractors are very popular these days. We free range our chicks, however, you always need a safe place to pen them up. We use this as a brooder house, animal hospital, rabbit cage and just general handy pen. It is made from 2x3s with chicken wire attached. they are light and easy to assemble and dissemble or move.

Two 4' pieces of chicken wire fit perfectly on these frames. First make five 4x8 ft. frames as shown. square the frames and install 45 degree braces at the corners. You will need a door, so leave the braces out of one of the panels as shown in the top of photo 2. Install a brace across the center of each panel. The door - build a frame that fits loosely inside the opening as shown in photo 3. I used a set of old door hinges, a screen door pull and two locks. A bungy to hold it open in the wind if needed. Coons are incredibly strong so make sure the locks are good.

Turn the wire so that the seam falls on the center brace. I used a crown stapler with 3/4" crown staples and it worked very well. Many animals like dogs, coons & opossums will dig under a pen and kill all of your chickens. to protect your critters you can roll chicken wire on the ground and hold it in place with landscaping staples.

Stand the panels up and use deck screws to hold the corners together. That way it will come apart easy. Screw the top on. You can also cover the top with a tarp for extra protection and shade.

As you can see from the photos we only used 3 sides to attach ours to an old brooder house. Then I made a partial panel to cover the opening just above the brooder house roof. Our Brooder pen is also attached to a large pen without a top. They have their own little chicken complex.

Chicken pen / Brooder house
Moveable chicken pen Moveable chicken pen

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