Turkey Breakfast Sausage

If you love breakfast, bacon and sausage may be two of the things that you miss most. This turkey sausage is delicious and even healthier than pork. Plus this is a method of making a hot breakfast every day in just minutes. Bake a potato, when cooled dice and refrigerate. Make a batch of pancakes and refrigerate. With the sausage recipe below you have a choice to mix and match eggs, potatoes, sausage, toast or pancakes each morning in the time it takes to fry 2 eggs. Just put is all in the same skillet, ready in just minutes. What is Alpha-gal?

Servings: 1     Prep time: 2 min     Cooking time: 3 or 4 min
    Ready to eat in: 5 or 6 min for your daily breakfast
Utensils: Frying pan, gallon baggy

1 tsp olive oil or coconut oil
1 lb ground turkey
cup onions - fine dice - optional
1 heaping tsp sage
1 tsp red pepper flakes - more if you like it hot
Salt & pepper to taste


Place the oil in a skillet, add all other ingredients and cook the sausage. Drain and spread on cookie sheet lined with a Silpat or parchment paper. Freeze for about 2 hrs then remove to a zip lock bag. This way the sausage will not be frozen in a block and you can remove one or two portions at a time.


Alternative Recipe Ideas

  • Add a couple cloves of garlic.
  • Make it in patties or crumbled. We like crumbles best because you can adjust the portion size easily and it reheats much faster.
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    This recipe brought to you by Chef Gary from Rocky Creek Valley Farm