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Frequently Asked Questions for Alpha-gal and Celiac Disease

I have compiled a list of links for information, medical assistance, recipes and forums that we have found to be useful in our situation of living with extreme food allergies. We just started this page in Jan 2014 so it is definitely a work in progress at this time.

Alpha-gal Disease - In short Alpha-gal is an allergic reaction to any mammal product; meat, milk, cheese, gelatin, and more. Most reactions are from food ingested, however makeup, soap and other skin contact items can cause a reaction. The reaction vary from swelling of the feet or hives to anaphylactic shock. A reaction may be severe to deadly. If you think you have the disease eliminate all mammal products from you diet and skin contact immediately and consult a physician immediately. A simple blood test can confirm your condition.

Celiac Disease - Most recently we have discovered that a side effect to Alpha-gal can be Celiac Disease. Honey also contains a sugar that can trigger a reaction.

Lactose Intolerance - Since milk and cheese are some of the foods Alpha-gal patients must avoid we feel it necessary to include it in our informational searches.

Other Food Allergies Research - Resources I feel have done a good job of defining and compiling information.

  • This site is from the University of York, England and the regulations are slightly different in the US, however it is an excellent informational website: Understanding Food Additives

Miscellaneous Friends and Information - Mostly sources for purchasing speciality products.

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