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        Welcome !! to Rocky Creek Valley Farm (RCV Farm)
Thrive Life Gardenfresh
February 2015
  • RECIPE of the MONTH: Chef Gary has actually gotten several new recipes written down and posted especially for Alpha-gal patients and our friends.

  • THRIVE LIVE - Garden Fresh: Thrive is a wonderful company specializing in long-term storage freeze dried foods and emergency supplies. Go here to see why we not only endorse it we sell it. Sign up under our account Garden Fresh for discounts.

  • YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS: There are a lot of essential oils out there, we love and use Young Living. Read all about it HERE.

  • REAL FOOD: Our task of providing food for our families is one of our most basic responsibilities. In the hectic-break-neck culture we have created we simply don't have time for food preparation, let alone food preservation. We challenge you to take back your life; step boldly into your stewardship over the health of yourself and your family. Take the path to wellness: real food, herbs and essential oils.

  • GOOD BYE GOATS: Yes, we have bid farewell to our beloved goats. Read their story HERE.

  • Baby Button & Daisy Buffy Penny We've Got Eggs Meals in a Jar
  • CHICKENS AND EGGS: We are in the throes of winter here in the valley, but that doesn't stop our EGG FLOW. Our hens may prefer green grass to white snow but they are still singing and laying. Stop by the farm for a dozen of the World's Best Eggs or get them at Mother Nature's Market in Liberty. (Intersection of 152 Hwy and 291 Hwy).

  • We have acquired a small flock of “city” chicks from our friend Penny. She wanted them to have country space to roam—we call it free-range! A Barred Rock “Pepper Penny “ . A Buff Orpington “Buffy Penny”. A Leghorn “Pearl Penny” and an Americana “Beamer Penny”. They are too precious. I tried integrating them into my flock, but my girls are just too rowdy for the Pennies so I keep them separate. Which is ok because I had my little Frostina separated because of her affliction so I put them in with her. She was glad for the company plus more warm bodies to heat up the coop!

    Then to make their private quarters complete I added a home-grown, home-hatched #2 Rocky Creek Rooster named Rebel. He’s half Americana and half New Hampshire Red. What a handsome lad. He argues through the fence with Rusty, the #1 Rocky Creek Rooster. Frostina's story HERE.

  • EDUCATION: Elizabeth is teaching at the Excelsior Springs Adult Education Center Class Schedules ALWAYS REGISTER FOR CLASSES so we will know how many to expect; some of the classes have limited seating. Classes are subject to change without notice. Most of the classes are two hours in length and the normal cost is $20.

    AT THE FARM: We have several new classes this year. Check it out here: 2015 Class Schedule

    SARE Conference: March 14, 2015 conference in Independence, MO Trap Crops

  • HOW-TO PROJECTS: I got a food saver for my birthday and TOTALLY LOVE IT. I borrowed one to do these projects then just had to have one. I've done two projects so far. Dry Canning (check this out in How-To-Tuesday HERE ) and Meals In A Jar.

  • Chickens in the Snow
  • MACA (Missouri Animal Control Agents) Conference held Sept 2014. The subject was Urban Chickens, we had a great time talking with all of the MACA members. The Power Point presentation is available for your use and reference: MACA 2014 Conference - Urban Chickens

  • Check out our 1 min promo on YouTube, Get a feel for life at our farm.

  • RCV Blog on I do not BLOG. However, Elizabeth is very good at it, when she has the time to think and write. She will give you an insight to the personal trials and tribulations of keeping the farm going, various "How-To" articles and general all-around farm stuff. We are archiving the articles now on our site on the blog page and on the library page.

  • Rocky Creek Valley Farm on Facebook: Our goal here is to keep you up-to-date with food and nutrition related studies and news. As well as legislation that effects you as a consumer. Join us for all the latest farm news....Rocky Creek Valley Farm

  • PHOTO GALLERY: Check it out - lots more photos added, see all our critters.

Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund A must join for all organic, all natural, sustainable and small farmers. Protect yourself and keep up on the latest legislation.

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